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Unraveling the Financial Alphabet

Business and Taxes

  • AMT Alternative Minimum Tax

  • CCA Capital Cost Allowance

  • CEC Cumulative Eligible Capital

  • CNIL Cumulative Net Investment Loss

  • EBITDA Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization

  • UCC Undepreciated Capital Cost

Government and Children

  • CCTB Canada Child Tax Benefit

  • CESG Canada Education Savings Plan

  • CDB Child Disability Benefit

  • NCB National Child Benefit Supplement

  • RESP Registered Education Savings Plan

    • HBP Home Buyer’s Plan

    • LLP Lifelong Learning Plan

Government and the Disabled

  • CDSB Canada Disability Savings Bond

  • CDSG Canada Disability Savings Grant

  • DTC Disability Tax Credit

  • RDSP Registered Disability Savings Plan

Government and Pensions

  • CPP Canada Pension Plan

  • EI Employment Insurance

  • GIS Guaranteed Income Supplement

  • OAS Old Age Security Pension

  • QPP Quebec Pension Plan

Investment Terms

  • CD Certificate of Deposit

  • DSC Deferred Sales Charge

  • FEL Front-End Load

  • GIC Guaranteed Investment Certificate

  • IR Internal Rate of Return

  • LL Low Load

  • ROR Rate of Return

  • TD Term Deposit

Life Insurance

  • LPL Limited Payment Life

  • MTAR Maximum Tax Actuarial Reserve

  • T10 Or, T5, T20 – Term insurance for a period of 5, 10 or 20 years

  • T100 Term Insurance to Age 100

  • UL Universal Life

  • WL Whole Life (insurance)

Individual Pensions

  • IPP Individual Pension Plan

  • PA Pension Adjustment

  • PAR Pension Adjustment Reversal

  • RPP Employer Registered Pension Plan

    • DBP Defined Benefit Plan

    • DCP Defined Contribution Plan

    • MPP Money Purchase Plan

    • PSPA Past Service Pension Adjustment

Retirement Savings and Investment

  • DPSP Deferred Profit Sharing Plan

  • LIF Life Income Fund

  • LIRA Locked-In Retirement Account

  • LRIF Locked-In Retirement Income Fund

  • PRIF Prescribed Retirement Income Fund

  • RRIF Registered Retirement Income Plan

  • RRSP Registered Retirement Savings Plan

  • TFSA Tax-Free Savings Account

Common Designations for Advisors’ Education

  • CDFA Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

  • CFP Certified Financial Planner

  • CSA Certified Seniors Advisor

  • CH.F.C. Chartered Financial Consultant

  • CLU Chartered Life Underwriter

  • RFP Registered Financial Planner

  • TEP Trust and Estate Planner


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