About Latimer Financial Services (LFS)

Who are the partners and where do you fit in?

Bill and Hugh Latimer are, of course, partners in Latimer Financial Services. Our work entails estate, financial and retirement income planning. But, we also have a senior partner – you, our client. We recognize that our success as planners is entirely contingent on the success you enjoy in achieving your financial goals. When you reach your objectives and hopefully, surpass them, we will have succeeded in our endeavors as planners.

Our commitment and allegiance to you

Independent advisers with no sales agenda

Our designations and training

We have the qualifications to provide you with expert advice

Our Commitment & Allegiance To You

Our commitment to you, our partner

Financial solutions and strategies generally require the use of a variety of financial instruments such as money market funds, mutual funds of many types, guaranteed investment certificates (GICs), annuities, life insurance, disability income and critical illness products and long term care strategies. While Latimer Financial Services is able to provide all of those vehicles, we make a commitment to our partner-clients that emphasizes our lack of an agenda to sell products.

Thus, our beliefs, work and processes are based on using a financial planning approach when you engage us as your financial advisors. And therefore, we make the following commitment to you:

We will not offer a solution until we have established that a situation exists that requires a solution and we have our client-partner’s agreement that the situation does, in fact, exist. Further, we are committed to finding solutions that will maximize our results in meeting your objectives while at the same time, minimizing taxation and investment costs.

Our allegiance is to our client-partner

Latimer Financial is an independent provider of financial advice. We are not employed by any bank, trust company, credit union, mutual fund or life insurance company although we have complete access to the products and services of many of these financial institutions. Thus, we are free to “shop the market” when developing strategies and solutions for our clients and to find the best fit available.

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